Nick Johnson is a writer, illustrator and director living in Calgary AB Canada. He obtained a Bachelor of Design Degree from AUArts in 2013 and recently spent two years living in Edinburgh Scotland where he completed a Masters in Comics and Graphic Novels Degree at the University of Dundee. 

He has worked in e-learning, comic books, children’s illustration, storyboarding, and art direction, in addition to teaching Narrative and Conceptual Illustration for AUArts and through various schools and community workshops. For New Machine Studios, he was the art director of the animated feature film Young George and the Dragon, and in 2019, he finished work as the writer/director of the sequel film Young George 2: No Dragons Allowed!

He currently works as a writer/director with Squid Brain Studios where they are hard at work on their first 3D animated feature film, Sunburnt Unicorn.

Nick’s work has a strong focus on storytelling and performance, featuring expressive characters and emotional themes. He is inspired by CanLit, horror fiction, spaghetti westerns and the ghosts of Utopia.